Press Barons and other dictators

British justice reached its lowest ebb in the 21st century. At this moment in time there are people in prison for eating a biscuit and some who used their right to free speech on Facebook are also serving years behind bars. So is it possible for an ordinary person to use his right of freedom of speech to express his own opinion? Or is it only the rich, powerful and privileged who are allowed to say what they like on the front pages of their newspapers regardless of the consequencies? Newspaper barons pay lipservice to freedom of the people. The only freedoms that interest them are the freedoms of power and privilege that crush the people and fill their pockets with ill gotten gains.

The real murderers of Stephen Lawrence will probably never be caught, which is more than just a pity. Racism is rife on Britain’s streets and punishing the guilty is more important than satisfying someone’s hidden political agenda. As ordinary people know to their cost newspapers have more lies than truth but knowing which is which can be difficult. For example back in 1997 the Daily Mail wanted to show that Britain was not racist so a scapegoat or scapegoats would have to be found to whitewash an unpleasant truth. Finally on the 2nd February, 1997, the Mail picked on five men to name as murderers on their front page. The Mail also wrote that if the victims felt that this was wrong, they could sue Lord Rothermere’s publication! This was not a brave challenge but a cynical ploy. The Mail’s legal team knew that the five were vulnerable, not rich, were pro-white and therefore would find their reputations hard to defend, as is required in a libel case. Some had records and came from notorious criminal families so they stood no chance of fighting someone who sits in the House of Lords. Using journalistic spin the Mail would also over the next 15 years paint these victims as unsavoury white trash, a witch hunt that has never been repeated even in Murdoch’s Sun or News of the World.

Using well-paid lawyers Rothermere had that arrogant confidence that comes from inherited wealth and hand-me-down titles. If it went to court, the Mail with such legal eagles behind it would be able to undermine anything these British citizens could do, also since it would be a civil case, the Mail would only have to prove that there was a case (no matter how flimsy) to answer, which it was sure could easily be fixed. So the Mail went ahead and accused five men of being ‘Murderers’ in a front page headline. Remember they can do this to anyone that does not have wealth, power and privilege. People like Elton John or Sally Morgan can fight back but ordinary people just have to suffer in silence. Another problem was that having accused five innocent men of being murderers the Mail had prejudiced any chance of a fair trial if evidence was ever found. Any future jury would need eyeball to eyeball witnesses that could actually identify the murderer or murderers. To reach a valid verdict the judge and jury would have to hear a witness in court saying that they had seen the actual knife being driven in, a weapon which had actually killed the young black man. Showing that these men were racists would not be evidence as many people in Britain are racist but a hundred thousand people didn’t kill Stephen. Hauling members of the BNP or EDL off the street and putting them on the Mail’s front page would also be prejudicial in the extreme! Any future trial would have to have massive forensic having not a shadow of doubt attached to it and absolute positive identification. Surely only foreign countries have such show trials? Not so.

Many people felt that the gutter press had sunk to new depths with this, which was mostly to boost  circulation figures, into which other publications were making inroads. The former Master of the Rolls, Lord Donaldson accused the Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre, of contempt of court. But there were a few wealthy lawyers who supported the Mail’s hypocritical stance, perhaps they sensed a chance of easy money? Having a right-wing unpopular government at the time helped enormously as the Conservatives wanted to make it look as if they were not against the black community. The general election was only weeks away and the tories were desperate for any votes, black or white. After hesitating for days John Major finally caved in and supported the Mail – he had no option!!

The Rothermeres and their lackeys such as Paul Dacre and extremists like Melanie Phillips actively promote the capitalist chaos that we all have to exist in. They deny any responsibility, just standing on the sidelines like bankers raking in the wealth. When the rich man’s system falls apart it is the victims that are vilified by the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail has a powerful circulated voice, we have twitter and Facebook! So there is no effective way to counter newspaper terrorists. Apart from the BBC the media is owned and controlled by very rich men. Over the years they have used propaganda to enable THEIR governments to be elected and trash governments that did not praise and promote the rich man’s system. Nothing has really changed in Britain since 1066 when William and his foreigners crushed the English people – it’s been them and us ever since.



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retired yet fascinated by the world of other busy people - but are they like me victims of nature, evolution or whatever it can be called? The force that drives the green fuse drives everyone and this force is indifferent to the suffering or agony of us, that is to say the essential links that keep the force going. Photography, my photography always keeps the above in mind. From the banal, trivial and vulgar to the elegant sophisticated (or what is taken to be elegant and sophisticated) images or series of images should reflect this attitude that is to say MY attitude.
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